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Food is not like medicine, food is medicine. If you are dealing with mysterious symptoms or just want to live healthier and you think better food choices will help you, you have come to the right place.
You have the keys to your health.

Cook with purpose and regain control of your health.


Hi, I’m Koree, a plant-based cook, holistic health enthusiast, web developer, and social entrepreneur. I’m on a wellness journey to correct or manage my health imbalances such as food sensitivities, heightened sympathetic response, and nutrient deficiencies mainly through healthier lifestyle choices (that don’t cost a lot of money!).

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Pandan Coconut Agar Agar
Pandan Coconut Agar Agar
Pandan Coconut Agar Agar
Pandan Coconut Agar Agar

What are the Benefits of Cooking Meals at Home?

Family is Healthier

The family that eats together stays together.

Saves Money

Homemade food is cheaper

Healthier Ingredients

We are in control of what we eat.

Control Allergies

Reduce risk of allergic reaction.
Pandan Coconut Agar Agar

Learn to Cook

Whether it is Plant-Based Food or you just want to learng to cook, send us an email to inquire.

Pandan Coconut Agar Agar

Books for your Wellness Journey

Learn from the Health Experts

Pandan Coconut Agar Agar

Feel Good Filipino Food

Filipino food is known for its appetizing aroma and savory taste. And like the Philippines, with its rich history, Filipino dishes take inspiration from different cultures like Spanish, Western, Japanese and Chinese. But would it be better, if you’ll cook and prepare your food with the goal of eating delicious and healthy meals based on what your mind and body need? We invite you to cook and serve food with purpose.