Wellness Through Cooking with Purpose

Hi, I’m Koree, a plant-based cook, holistic health enthusiast, web developer, and social entrepreneur. I’m on a wellness journey to correct or manage my health imbalances such as food sensitivities, heightened sympathetic response, and nutrient deficiencies mainly through healthier lifestyle choices (that don’t cost a lot of money!).

In 2018, mysterious lesions started to appear on my fingertips, arms, back, and legs. It was embarrassing and the discomfort it caused was intense to the point where it was affecting my life negatively. The first set of doctors I consulted couldn’t figure out what was happening to me, so I decided to try a different approach and researched more about allergies. Luckily, I found a reliable book that pointed me to the right path and gave me the confidence to start my health journey. After years of changing my diet, eating habits, and food choices; making mind and body adjustments; taking prescribed supplements; taking paid lessons on food education; and with the guidance of a functional medicine doctor, last year (2020) my lesions started to disappear. Now in 2021, my lesions are healed and I have better skin (I only have lipstick and sunblock on my face in the photo above), better focus, better weight management, faster physical recovery—all these and more because I chose to leave my old lifestyle for a life of vibrant health.

For my initial health protocol, I was instructed to undergo an elimination diet. Although I hated it at first, it made me a better foodie. I fell in love with cooking plant-based foods or tweaking recipes to make healthier versions and remove bad ingredients, which led to hundreds of food pics and a notebook that contains my own recipes and food substitutes. These materials were enough to allow me to start a food/wellness website.

As I turned Food with Purpose into digital reality, I know that there are other people like me out there who are also experiencing what I did when I started to develop symptoms or who are still on the path to healing and recovery as I am now. My hope is for Food with Purpose to be the place on the web where they’ll find the inspiration to cook with purpose for themselves or their family and regain control of their health through a holistic lens. I believe that the path to wellness is different or unique for every person and that the best doctor is your body. Only you can give true care to yourself. In Filipino/Tagalog, malasakit sa sarili.

More About Koree…

Aside from Food with Purpose, Koree has her own web development business (Kairos I.T. Services) and is also the founder of Techie Senior Citizens and Retirees Philippines, a community for senior citizens that teaches proper internet usage to the elderly.

She is a graduate of B.S Computer Science, Master in Information Systems and has a certificate of completion in HD Make-up Artistry. She hopes to start a career as a professional make-up artist once the pandemic is over.

She is currently enrolled in Rouxbe’s Plant-Based Professional Certification Course and hopes to finish the course on time. She wants to cook healthier foods for her family and pets.

Koree is married to Chris, who recently learned how to stop drinking his favorite carbonated non-alcoholic drink and has been eating more veggies than before. They have one dog named Chewie and cherish the memory of their aspin, Pangs, who recently passed away.

Follow along on her journey to recovery and wellness through cooking with purpose, mindfulness and self-love.